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Why is Breaking Up so Hard to Do?

Break Your Electricity ContractWe notice a continuing theme at the Texas Electricity Alliance when we sign up a TXU customer to join our alliance and let us do the work for them when it comes to switching their electricity provider to save money. They tell us over and over that they have been with TXU forever and were just afraid to switch, concerned that something might happen to their electricity. At least with TXU, they knew they were paying too much but it always worked.

The truth is that it’s hard to leave any relationship, even a dysfunctional one. With everything in the world changing so fast, sometimes it’s nice not to always be dealing with managing the expenses in our daily lives. However, when it comes to electricity we are constantly educating our members on the fact the TXU does not generate or deliver electricity in Texas any more. The deregulation act of 2002 put an end to the TXU monopoly of cradle to grave electricity for their customers. Today, TXU is a reseller just like all those other electricity companies you may or may not have heard of. Electricity in Texas is delivered only by regulated utilities like ONCOR or Centerpoint.

So remember you’re not really breaking up with the old TXU, they actually left you almost 10 years ago but they do go to great lengths to make sure you don’t know that and that you still believe they are actually somehow a better way for you to buy electricity. The truth is, they have the highest prices in the market and make lots of mistakes with their billing system.

So, let the Texas Electricity Alliance help you through the break up and we’ll be there to ensure you every step of the way that everything we’ll be just fine and absolutely nothing about your electricity service is going to change except the price and always remember: Together We Save. Together We Share.

Check us out online to and see if we can save you $400-$2400 annually. We love saving people money!


Mavs Beat the Heat and So Can U!

For all those electricity customers in Texas, just remember: There’s no U in TXU!

The average retail electricity customer in Texas can save between 20-40% off their electricity bill by switching from TXU to Texas Electricity Alliance. The question becomes then why don’t they? There are a number of good reasons for this but the 3 most important are:

Trust, Security and Convenience.

TRUST: Switching electricity companies can be scary since you might not know a lot about companies offering lower rates so you don’t know if you should trust them or not.

SECURITY: People also wonder if their electricity service might be interrupted if they switch providers but nothing could be further from the truth. Your electricity will still be provided by the regulated Transportation Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) that has been delivering your electricity all along.

CONVENIENCE: We know how difficult it is to try to sort through 50+ providers and literally 100’s of electricity plans. That’s why we negotiate the best rates possible for our members.

By joining an Alliance of customers like Texas Electricity Alliance you’ll always have the Trust, Security and Convenience of a co-op but the with competitive prices of an alliance.

Visit us today at www.TexasElectricityAlliance.com or call us 855-255-7627.