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Are Smart Electricity Meters Really Smart?

Smart Meter ElectricityDoes having a smart meter for my electricity save me money?

The simple answer is NO! However, if you were to take advantage of monitoring your daily and even hourly use of electricity in your house it just might. There are several electricity usage monitoring devices on the market that use Web-based software to help you analyze your use of electricity. For example, if you were to walk past a small monitoring device in your kitchen and noticed the electricity usage was unusually high, it might prompt you to go upstairs and turn up the AC for the daytime and then go turn it down tonight when the kids are sleeping. This could save you a few hundred bucks this summer. Now what if you started watching that meter more often and noticed how much electricity your TVs, lights, etc… were using but no body was even in the room. You would go turn them off and more importantly you would encourage members of your family to do the same.

So are smart electricity meters really smart? The answer is still NO, but they can make you smarter about your electricity usage. At the Texas Electricity Alliance we encourage everyone of our members to be smarter about electricity and will launch a program for in home electricity monitoring devices very soon so stay tuned and remember Together We Save, Together We Share and who knows maybe Together we get Smarter….LOL!

To calculate what you could be saving on electricity based on your average kWh, visit our online Electricity Savings Calculator.