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Who’s On Your Side…Not the Electricity Companies…Are you Fuming Yet?

Angry at Electricity CompanyAs we continue to deregulate industries, which were previously either monopolies or state run, in America and the rest of the world it’s becoming pretty clear that the consumer is not always benefiting from the deregulation. This is especially clear when it comes to the electricity business in Texas. Half of Texas consumers are still served by electrical cooperatives and have no choice or ability to lower their electricity cost; while the other half that do, are completely confused as to how to accomplish that. This is mainly because the market is fraught with deceptive and misleading advertising by both incumbent providers making consumers afraid to change providers, or by the new competitive providers who promise too much and deliver too little. There is almost no way the consumer can win in this deregulated environment unless they become highly educated on the market dynamics and business models; not to mention spending many hours of research just to find and select the best way and price for them to buy electricity. The Texas Electricity Alliance addresses and answers all these issues and provides consumer-friendly and easy-to-understand solutions.

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