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Tired of All the Talk About Electricity? – Join the Club!

High Electricity BillsSeems like everyone in Texas is talking about electricity and how much we can all save, but I just got my bill and it’s SKY HIGH! And we’re willing to bet yours was too! However, this should come as no surprise since it’s the middle of July in Texas. It’s HOT and we have already surpassed our average number of days of 100 degree heat. You can expect very high electricity bills through the Texas summer no matter who you are paying your electricity bill to this summer, it’s HIGH. Furthermore, over the next 5-7 years electricity prices are expected to double due to:

  1. The expanding population of Texas, which puts added pressure to generate and deliver electricity over our statewide electrical GRID
  2. EPA enforcement of clean air act laws will require coal fired plants, which produce almost 50% of Texas electricity, to install clean coal technology thereby doubling the cost of electricity production from these plants
  3. Increase in the price of natural gas will occur over the next 5-7 years, due to many factors, but mainly because it is the most environmental friendly hydrocarbon. And the discovery of record supplies in the United States over the past 10 years, have led us to recommend and adopt its use in everything from trucks, buses, cars and for electricity generation

The above factors will affect all Texas electricity consumers, whether they are served by a local electrical co-op or in a deregulated area of the state, because we all pull from the same electricity GRID.

History shows us that the deregulation of electricity does not lower prices at the consumer level, especially when wholesale prices and demand are both going up, as compared with prices at the consumer level for traditional state regulated utilities or electrical co-ops. In fact, California had to eliminate electricity deregulation during a period of rising demand and wholesale prices. Although electrical co-op prices are today higher, in almost all cases, than low-cost electricity in the deregulated market, this does not accurately reflect the future. In fact, in 5 years it’s likely that a consumer in a deregulated market area of Texas may be paying twice as much for their electricity.

The only way to WIN as a consumer in the deregulated electricity market is to combine your purchasing power with that of your neighbors. “Get Your Power Back” and negotiate your rates as a group – Join the Club!

This will result in giving you back the TRUST, SECURITY and CONVENIENCE of an electrical co-op or state-regulated utility, while guaranteeing you are always getting the best rates in the market. ALLSMART Energy is developing these consumer buying clubs beginning with the Texas Electricity Alliance and expanding into other deregulated states and countries in 2012.

Come join us today and never worry about electricity again!

Together We Save. Together We Share.