Tired of All the Talk About Electricity? – Join the Club!

High Electricity BillsSeems like everyone in Texas is talking about electricity and how much we can all save, but I just got my bill and it’s SKY HIGH! And we’re willing to bet yours was too! However, this should come as no surprise since it’s the middle of July in Texas. It’s HOT and we have already surpassed our average number of days of 100 degree heat. You can expect very high electricity bills through the Texas summer no matter who you are paying your electricity bill to this summer, it’s HIGH. Furthermore, over the next 5-7 years electricity prices are expected to double due to:

  1. The expanding population of Texas, which puts added pressure to generate and deliver electricity over our statewide electrical GRID
  2. EPA enforcement of clean air act laws will require coal fired plants, which produce almost 50% of Texas electricity, to install clean coal technology thereby doubling the cost of electricity production from these plants
  3. Increase in the price of natural gas will occur over the next 5-7 years, due to many factors, but mainly because it is the most environmental friendly hydrocarbon. And the discovery of record supplies in the United States over the past 10 years, have led us to recommend and adopt its use in everything from trucks, buses, cars and for electricity generation

The above factors will affect all Texas electricity consumers, whether they are served by a local electrical co-op or in a deregulated area of the state, because we all pull from the same electricity GRID.

History shows us that the deregulation of electricity does not lower prices at the consumer level, especially when wholesale prices and demand are both going up, as compared with prices at the consumer level for traditional state regulated utilities or electrical co-ops. In fact, California had to eliminate electricity deregulation during a period of rising demand and wholesale prices. Although electrical co-op prices are today higher, in almost all cases, than low-cost electricity in the deregulated market, this does not accurately reflect the future. In fact, in 5 years it’s likely that a consumer in a deregulated market area of Texas may be paying twice as much for their electricity.

The only way to WIN as a consumer in the deregulated electricity market is to combine your purchasing power with that of your neighbors. “Get Your Power Back” and negotiate your rates as a group – Join the Club!

This will result in giving you back the TRUST, SECURITY and CONVENIENCE of an electrical co-op or state-regulated utility, while guaranteeing you are always getting the best rates in the market. ALLSMART Energy is developing these consumer buying clubs beginning with the Texas Electricity Alliance and expanding into other deregulated states and countries in 2012.

Come join us today and never worry about electricity again!

Together We Save. Together We Share.


Why is Breaking Up so Hard to Do?

Break Your Electricity ContractWe notice a continuing theme at the Texas Electricity Alliance when we sign up a TXU customer to join our alliance and let us do the work for them when it comes to switching their electricity provider to save money. They tell us over and over that they have been with TXU forever and were just afraid to switch, concerned that something might happen to their electricity. At least with TXU, they knew they were paying too much but it always worked.

The truth is that it’s hard to leave any relationship, even a dysfunctional one. With everything in the world changing so fast, sometimes it’s nice not to always be dealing with managing the expenses in our daily lives. However, when it comes to electricity we are constantly educating our members on the fact the TXU does not generate or deliver electricity in Texas any more. The deregulation act of 2002 put an end to the TXU monopoly of cradle to grave electricity for their customers. Today, TXU is a reseller just like all those other electricity companies you may or may not have heard of. Electricity in Texas is delivered only by regulated utilities like ONCOR or Centerpoint.

So remember you’re not really breaking up with the old TXU, they actually left you almost 10 years ago but they do go to great lengths to make sure you don’t know that and that you still believe they are actually somehow a better way for you to buy electricity. The truth is, they have the highest prices in the market and make lots of mistakes with their billing system.

So, let the Texas Electricity Alliance help you through the break up and we’ll be there to ensure you every step of the way that everything we’ll be just fine and absolutely nothing about your electricity service is going to change except the price and always remember: Together We Save. Together We Share.

Check us out online to and see if we can save you $400-$2400 annually. We love saving people money!

Stop wasting your $$ with Direct Energy!

Direct Energy ScamHave you noticed the new advertisements from Direct Energy?

They are touting electricity prices that are so low that you can now keep your house at arctic like temperature in the summer. Have they lost their minds? At the Texas Electricity Alliance, we say YES they have! Not only that, they are encouraging consumers to waste more and spend more on electricity.

We don’t believe in encouraging people to waste more because they are paying less. We know it’s hot in Texas in the summer, but we have more often than not pointed out how our wasteful nature can cause damage to the entire Texas electricity GRID not to mention our environment as well. We only hurt each other when we use too much of anything. Now we’re also not saying you have to keep you house at 85 degrees and grow tomatoes inside. We are just saying that we should all be reasonable and when you join the Texas Electricity Alliance you can be assured you are joining the only organization in the Texas electricity market that is not encouraging you to use more electricity so we can make more $$. Quite the opposite is true, our only mission is to provide our members with the lowest electricity rates in the market, and at the same time, help them understand how to conserve electricity and still be very comfortable. Because, Together We Save. Together We Share.

Death, Taxes & Electricity: 3 Certainties in Life

At the Texas Electricity Alliance we say there are 3 things you just can’t avoid and that’s Death, Taxes and Electricity. Electricity has arguably become the most valuable fuel in our economy.  We all pretty much take it for granted, but we need to stop wasting it and take a long look at what it’s costing us as consumers and as citizens.

If the doctor told you that you had a bad heart and that if you didn’t eat right and exercise that you might have a heart attack, you would probably start to change your habits and take care of yourself better. If your accountant told you that you were accumulating a huge tax liability by not paying your estimated taxes each quarter, then you would more than likely start paying your estimated quarterly taxes to avoid the penalty. Now electricity may not seem quite as important but it really is. It’s the fuel that drives every machine and microchip in the industrialized world and without them and electricity in general, everything would stop and I mean everything.

Electricity is one of our most valuable natural resources. Even though it does not occur naturally and has to be generated, it is still sourced from natural resources. Electricity has become so important to the fabric of our lives and society that it is now as certain as death and taxes that you will always have an electricity bill.

We all need to become better at managing this valuable and indispensable natural resource. By better management, we can use less and be better prepared for the future so we don’t have an electricity heart attack or an electricity financial disaster. We take electricity for granted today and most of the entire world has no choice with regard to how they obtain or pay for their electricity. However, that is all changing as we continue to deregulate electricity across the United States and the world, it’s all our job to better understand how to use this indispensable resource. Just always remember: Together We Save and Together We Share.

Don’t Waste a kWh This Summer and Take the Heat Off!

Summer Texas DayYou know it’s HOT in Texas when you can’t have fireworks on the 4th of July, but that is exactly how hot and dry it is in Texas this summer. With the increased drought and heat this summer, there is likely to be more pressure on the Texas electricity GRID than ever before.

Along with this pressure on the infrastructure, there are still many retail electricity providers selling electricity at such low introductory rates that some could go out of business quickly should electricity demand hit the projected levels for this summer.

During these hot summer months we want to remind folks to turn your thermostat up to 80 or above when you go on vacation, and it might be a good idea to empty your refrigerator as much as possible to help conserve the power required to run it as well. If we all do our part, hopefully we can avoid any rolling brownouts this summer or even worse blackouts, not to mention a surge in electricity prices especially for anyone not in a fixed rate plan.

If you are not in a fixed rate electricity plan, we highly recommend you lock into one ASAP. Texas Electricity Alliance has three to choose from. Then do your part to help take the pressure off the GRID! And remember, Together We Save, Together We Share.

Who is your Voice for Choice?

Electricity Voice for ChoiceTexas Electrical Co-ops: Good or Bad for the Texas Electricity Consumer?

OK, so like everything there are two sides to every coin. Electricity cooperatives have been around since Hoover (the president not the dam), but are they really needed anymore? If so, what benefit do they really provide the consumer? As you may have noticed, here at the Texas Electricity Alliance it’s all about the consumer. We believe many consumers who are trapped into electrical cooperatives would benefit from their specific co-op electing to participate in the deregulated electricity market in Texas.

On the one side, electricity co-ops have provided the necessary vehicle needed to get electricity to consumers who would normally not be serviced due to the high-cost to run electrical lines into their rural areas. By subsidizing this electrification of America, we have been able to cover almost 100% of our population with electrical services. Many of these areas would have never received electricity without government funding and the co-op structure has been a necessity to serve this community of users.

On the other side of the coin, over the past 30 years we have seen many of these areas which were once rural locations become booming suburbs with huge population increases. These rural electrical cooperatives were originally funded by the government so rural areas could be served. However, they are no longer effective, efficient or enabled to provide direct constituency made up of their members who are actually all owners in the co-op.

Consumers in these areas would be much better off if their co-op would elect to take part in deregulation and allow their member/owners to save $1000’s a year instead of giving them back a $30 check as a member/owner rebate at the end of the year. Unfortunately, the management of these cooperatives has not elected to participate in deregulation and the membership/ownership structure is now a benefit to the management of these co-ops, not to the members.

The Texas Electricity Alliance is the only aggregator, licensed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) that actively recruits co-op members to join together and fight for their rights under the Texas electricity deregulation laws. We encourage all co-op members to visit our website and join today so your Voice for Choice can be heard.

Together We Save. Together We Share.

Want to Cut Your Summer Electricity Bill in HALF? Then Turn Up Your AC and Buy a FAN!

Electrical ThermostatOne of the best ways to save $$ on your electricity is to turn up your AC to 80 during the day and no lower than 76 at night. Next step is to then buy fans for the largest rooms in your house and in your bedrooms. These two simple steps will save you 20-25% on your summer electricity bill.

Combine these solutions with a lower electricity rate from the Texas Electricity Alliance select provider, and you can cut your summer electricity bill in half. You can calculate your savings using our electricity savings calculator.

You may say 80 degrees is too hot and 76 degrees isn’t low enough at night because I like to sleep under the covers. Our advice is if you can afford it, then that’s great. But, just remember you are putting stress and strain on the Texas electricity grid and could be contributing to the rolling brown-outs that are most definitely on the way this hot, dry summer.

We recommend the Vornado floor fan for $29.00 at Costco.These fans are amazing, and we bet that by using this fan and following the temperature recommendations above you are just as comfortable as you have ever been in the Texas Summer heat and when you get your next electricity bill you will be glad you did.

Who’s On Your Side…Not the Electricity Companies…Are you Fuming Yet?

Angry at Electricity CompanyAs we continue to deregulate industries, which were previously either monopolies or state run, in America and the rest of the world it’s becoming pretty clear that the consumer is not always benefiting from the deregulation. This is especially clear when it comes to the electricity business in Texas. Half of Texas consumers are still served by electrical cooperatives and have no choice or ability to lower their electricity cost; while the other half that do, are completely confused as to how to accomplish that. This is mainly because the market is fraught with deceptive and misleading advertising by both incumbent providers making consumers afraid to change providers, or by the new competitive providers who promise too much and deliver too little. There is almost no way the consumer can win in this deregulated environment unless they become highly educated on the market dynamics and business models; not to mention spending many hours of research just to find and select the best way and price for them to buy electricity. The Texas Electricity Alliance addresses and answers all these issues and provides consumer-friendly and easy-to-understand solutions.

Join us Today!

Together We Save.

T. Boone Pickens: Genius or Geriatric

T. Boone Pickens | Green Electricity Is T. Boone Pickens a Genius or is he just another Geriatric billionaire speaking his mind? Maybe neither, maybe a little of both but its high-time that either way America should start listening. Boone may have a couple billion, but he still never leaves a room and doesn’t turn out the lights or turn off the TV. I’d even take a side bet that he turns up the AC when he’s not home. He earned his money working hard and gained a lot of life lessons along the way to being one of the most respected and recognized oil men in America, if not the world; or at least any part of it that has oil or natural gas or wind that could be used to generate electricity. He has been promoting natural gas and wind energy as part of the Pickens Plan for quite some time now and maybe just maybe people are now waking up and smelling the coffee that he’s been brewing. Boone say we should convert the majority of our long-haul truck transportation network to run on natural gas and not diesel, thereby lowering American energy imports of oil and increasing the use of American produced natural gas; not to mention the 1000’s and 1000’s of jobs that conversion would create. He has also worked diligently to get people to understand the value and future potential of wind power as another way to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and create jobs in America. Wow, let me see if I got this right: we can reduce our consumption of foreign oil, increase our use of domestic natural gas and wind and we can create 1000’s if not 100’s of thousands of jobs while increasing the financial and domestic security of the United States of America. I say that the next President of the United States, and the current one as well, should make Boone the Energy Czar for America and not only that, but put him in charge of the EPA. You think that second part sounds a little crazy, but let me tell you that his environmental record is astounding and he is one of the best business men and stewards of our earth that we could find in our country and we all need to start listening to him before it’s too late. He won’t be around forever and I just pray there is someone in the next generation that will grow up as well  and as vocal to start fighting to save this country. Give ’em hell Boone and start advertising more, people need to hear your message.

Are Smart Electricity Meters Really Smart?

Smart Meter ElectricityDoes having a smart meter for my electricity save me money?

The simple answer is NO! However, if you were to take advantage of monitoring your daily and even hourly use of electricity in your house it just might. There are several electricity usage monitoring devices on the market that use Web-based software to help you analyze your use of electricity. For example, if you were to walk past a small monitoring device in your kitchen and noticed the electricity usage was unusually high, it might prompt you to go upstairs and turn up the AC for the daytime and then go turn it down tonight when the kids are sleeping. This could save you a few hundred bucks this summer. Now what if you started watching that meter more often and noticed how much electricity your TVs, lights, etc… were using but no body was even in the room. You would go turn them off and more importantly you would encourage members of your family to do the same.

So are smart electricity meters really smart? The answer is still NO, but they can make you smarter about your electricity usage. At the Texas Electricity Alliance we encourage everyone of our members to be smarter about electricity and will launch a program for in home electricity monitoring devices very soon so stay tuned and remember Together We Save, Together We Share and who knows maybe Together we get Smarter….LOL!

To calculate what you could be saving on electricity based on your average kWh, visit our online Electricity Savings Calculator.