Don’t Wait Too Long To Take The HEAT Off This Summer!

If you’re in Texas you know it’s HOT this summer and not much you can do about it, or is there.  Most of us have become accustomed to running our air conditioning systems to keep us nice and cool during the summer but based on our recent findings it appears that our collective AC units are running at least 1/3 more than they need too. The main reasons for this over usage on both the systems and your electricity bills has to do with efficiency of both the AC units themselves and a casual attitude toward saving money on electricity. You can improve the efficiency of your AC units with attic insulation and radiant barriers and you can decrease your electricity usage by turning up your thermostats during the day and not turning them down until 9 or 10 PM and then turning them back up at 9-10 AM.

At the Texas Electricity Alliance we recommend you find an insulation company to provide a free analysis of your insulation, have your AC systems checked by a professional for operating efficiency and other issues, and get up in your attic and change those AC filters. By following this advice we believe you will lower your electricity bill by 20-25% but better yet, join the Texas Electricity Alliance and take advantage of our Power in Numbers motto and get access to our pre-negotiated member electricity rates for Texas consumers and save another 20-25% on your electricity bill. Don’t just complain about the HEAT, do something about it today and you’ll be happy tomorrow. Join us at and we’ll do the work for you.

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