Stop wasting your $$ with Direct Energy!

Direct Energy ScamHave you noticed the new advertisements from Direct Energy?

They are touting electricity prices that are so low that you can now keep your house at arctic like temperature in the summer. Have they lost their minds? At the Texas Electricity Alliance, we say YES they have! Not only that, they are encouraging consumers to waste more and spend more on electricity.

We don’t believe in encouraging people to waste more because they are paying less. We know it’s hot in Texas in the summer, but we have more often than not pointed out how our wasteful nature can cause damage to the entire Texas electricity GRID not to mention our environment as well. We only hurt each other when we use too much of anything. Now we’re also not saying you have to keep you house at 85 degrees and grow tomatoes inside. We are just saying that we should all be reasonable and when you join the Texas Electricity Alliance you can be assured you are joining the only organization in the Texas electricity market that is not encouraging you to use more electricity so we can make more $$. Quite the opposite is true, our only mission is to provide our members with the lowest electricity rates in the market, and at the same time, help them understand how to conserve electricity and still be very comfortable. Because, Together We Save. Together We Share.

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