Death, Taxes & Electricity: 3 Certainties in Life

At the Texas Electricity Alliance we say there are 3 things you just can’t avoid and that’s Death, Taxes and Electricity. Electricity has arguably become the most valuable fuel in our economy.  We all pretty much take it for granted, but we need to stop wasting it and take a long look at what it’s costing us as consumers and as citizens.

If the doctor told you that you had a bad heart and that if you didn’t eat right and exercise that you might have a heart attack, you would probably start to change your habits and take care of yourself better. If your accountant told you that you were accumulating a huge tax liability by not paying your estimated taxes each quarter, then you would more than likely start paying your estimated quarterly taxes to avoid the penalty. Now electricity may not seem quite as important but it really is. It’s the fuel that drives every machine and microchip in the industrialized world and without them and electricity in general, everything would stop and I mean everything.

Electricity is one of our most valuable natural resources. Even though it does not occur naturally and has to be generated, it is still sourced from natural resources. Electricity has become so important to the fabric of our lives and society that it is now as certain as death and taxes that you will always have an electricity bill.

We all need to become better at managing this valuable and indispensable natural resource. By better management, we can use less and be better prepared for the future so we don’t have an electricity heart attack or an electricity financial disaster. We take electricity for granted today and most of the entire world has no choice with regard to how they obtain or pay for their electricity. However, that is all changing as we continue to deregulate electricity across the United States and the world, it’s all our job to better understand how to use this indispensable resource. Just always remember: Together We Save and Together We Share.

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