Want to Cut Your Summer Electricity Bill in HALF? Then Turn Up Your AC and Buy a FAN!

Electrical ThermostatOne of the best ways to save $$ on your electricity is to turn up your AC to 80 during the day and no lower than 76 at night. Next step is to then buy fans for the largest rooms in your house and in your bedrooms. These two simple steps will save you 20-25% on your summer electricity bill.

Combine these solutions with a lower electricity rate from the Texas Electricity Alliance select provider, and you can cut your summer electricity bill in half. You can calculate your savings using our electricity savings calculator.

You may say 80 degrees is too hot and 76 degrees isn’t low enough at night because I like to sleep under the covers. Our advice is if you can afford it, then that’s great. But, just remember you are putting stress and strain on the Texas electricity grid and could be contributing to the rolling brown-outs that are most definitely on the way this hot, dry summer.

We recommend the Vornado floor fan for $29.00 at Costco.These fans are amazing, and we bet that by using this fan and following the temperature recommendations above you are just as comfortable as you have ever been in the Texas Summer heat and when you get your next electricity bill you will be glad you did.

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