EPA is Now In-Charge in Texas and in Other States.

EPA | Texas ElectricityToday the New York Times reported on the new Supreme Court ruling to allow the EPA to use the Clean Air Act to enforce carbon emission standards on power plants. This is a hotly contested issue in both the House and Senate with one or the other threatening to neuter the EPA’s authority to do just that. The EPA through the Clean Air Act has broad powers to act in the public interest, but these powers have been expanded under the Obama administration to address one of the real culprits of greenhouse gases, power plants for electricity generation.

As many of you know, coal is the main source of fuel used to produce electricity in our great nation but is also one of the largest polluters in the nation as a whole. The billions and billions of tons of CO2 that we put into our atmosphere from burning coal to produce electricity is mind boggling. Yes it’s cheaper to generate electricity from coal than any other form of energy but that doesn’t mean we should keep doing it unabated while we now understand the possible long term consequences from our actions.

You’ll probably hear lots of bitching about this from big power producers and head-strong capitalist but don’t be deceived. We need to stop burning coal to produce cheap electricity and start using natural gas, of which we have discovered an abundance of over the past 10 years right here in the United States of America. Sometimes the liberals get it wrong and sometimes the conservatives get it wrong, but in this case they all have it wrong. We need strong leadership in our country and around the world to stop polluting our planet. We should immediately start replacing coal burning electrical generating plants with clean burning natural gas plants and then supplement those with wind energy, which we already subsidies with our tax dollars. Don’t listen to the naysayers on this, join the Texas Electricity Alliance and make a difference.

Click here to view the New York Times Article.

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