Texas Electricity Average Billing: Good or Bad?

Variable Rate Plan Texas | Fixed Rate Plan TexasSeems like the new, great idea in Texas is to level off your electricity bills throughout the year by taking advantage of an average billing program.

Most if not all the retail electricity providers offer these after you have been on their billing system for at least 6 months. While that sounds like a good idea up front, when you dig a little deeper it might not be the best choice.

Electricity bills in Texas are generally 2.5 times higher in the summer than in the “shoulder” months like November and April when you don’t use much electricity. So, it’s nice to average out those bills by using an average billing plan. However, when you do that, you don’t tend to be as diligent about your electricity use in the summer, and while it sounded like a good idea you could easily spend another 10-15% over the full year period by being deceived about your actual usage during the summer.

At the Texas Electricity Alliance we don’t recommend average billing unless your monthly cash flow does not allow you to make your summer electricity payments without breaking the bank.

Let us walk you through one of our 1-year fixed rate plans or our 100% Go Green Plan today. Call us at 855-255-7627 or visit us online at www.TexasElectricityAlliance.com.

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