Never Pay Too Much for Electricity in Texas Again!

Home Electricity Alliance

Today a new company has entered into the Texas retail electricity market with a very unique business model to help Texas consumers pay less, use less and conserve more electricity, all while doing something good for those in need in the process. We are ALLSMART Energy LLC and our brand name in Texas is the Texas Electricity Alliance. We are registered an a Aggregator with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) and are authorized to gather users together as a buying club for their electricity needs. In Texas alone there are over 60 Retail Electric Providers (REP) trying to sell consumers electricity. And there are literally 100’s of unique “rate and term” plans from these providers. This has put consumers at a disadvantage, which is why after 10 years of electricity generation in Texas over half the state is still served by co-ops and the other half is dazed and confused trying to understand how to take advantage of deregulation and always get the lowest available cost.

Texas Electricity Alliance is a membership based buying club that takes all the mystery out of the electricity market for their members and always gets them the best rates in the market and also helps them understand how to save even more. Many consumers in Texas have elected to stay with the incumbent market providers like TXU or Reliant but are paying as much as 40% more than they could be for their electricity. We encourage anyone in Texas to join us today because “Together We Save and Together We Share” check us out at

We will be using this blog forum to support, educate, inform and provide a forum for discussion for all Texas retail electricity users whether they are part of a co-op or in a deregulated area of Texas. We invite your comments, concerns and questions and look forward to hearing from you.

Texas Electricity Alliance
1349 Regal Row
Dallas, TX 75247

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